Club Overview

Team Membership:  The club will be open to all players in the Clovis Unified School District.  Players from other districts are also potential members.   The number of teams will vary depending on the number of players that try out in each age group.  The club coaches and directors reserve the right to select members for the teams.

Financial charges:  The team members will pay fees to the Clovis Volleyball Club account to handle all fees.  Fees will be determined at the beginning of the season and presented to all members in a financial contract.

Delinquent Accounts:  The Directors reserve the right to drop or suspend players if they do not meet their financial commitment.

Leadership Responsibilities:  The Clovis Unified School District Head Varsity High School volleyball coaches, considered the clubs voting membership, will select the directors.  The Clovis Unified School District Co-Curricular Administrator will be the clubs administrator.  The positions will be as follows:

Overall Director-Oversee the entire program, set the agenda and meetings with the directors and parent advisory board.

Hotel and Travel Coordinator-Arrange all travel and hotels, work with team parents to communicate travel

Treasurer – The Treasurer will oversee the financial aspects of the committee

Fund Raising Director- Oversee fundraising for all teams.

Webpage/secretary-Oversee the web page, team program, and minutes of all meetings.
The Directors may be the Varsity Head coaches and the directorships may be combined.

Meetings:  The directors will meet once a month on the first Wednesday of the month from September to January.  The Overall Director may call additional meetings.  The meeting may be cancelled or changed by mutual consent. 

Operating Rules: The high school coaches and directors will be the members and a quorum for the club is considered two-thirds of the membership.  Management decisions will be discussed and voted on by the membership.  The Co-Curricular Administrator of the Clovis Unified School district may veto any decision voted on by the members.


Club Mission Statement

The mission of the Clovis Volleyball Club is to achieve the highest level of competitive volleyball play through discipline; fostering commitment, hard work, teamwork, sportsmanship and integrity.



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